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Furney Kicking Academy Camps are here to help YOU succeed! Our coaching staff, consisting of those who have played at the highest levels of the game, as well as our complete and personalized approaches to your unique and personal kicking, punting, and snapping style and your goals is what sets us apart from the others...

Private Lessons

At Furney Kicking Academy we understand that every kicker has a unique style that fits for them. Our goal is to take what feels natural and right to you and make appropriate adjustments that will help you reach your full potential. As kickers at all levels of competition have become much more skilled and specialized, private expert instruction has become an essential tool...

Online Kicking Lessons

Online kicking and punting lessons are a great way to get professional kicking and punting coaching from anywhere in the World! No more high cost and hassle of fighting traffic, driving for hours, or even flying across the country in order to receive a personalized Kicking or Punting lessons from professional coaches...



Andrew Furney Football Kicking Camps and Lessons are here to improve your skills and help you achieve your goals!

Established in 2014, Furney Kicking Academy is the complete kicking instructional academy for grades 6-12. Whether you want to learn the basics of the art of kicking, or help establish yourself as a talented athlete worthy of a college scholarship, we're here to help YOU succeed! Our complete and personalized approaches to your unique and personal kicking style and goals is what sets us apart from others. Furney Kicking Academy is excited and looking forward to helping you get to where you want to be!

My son and I drove 6 hours from our small town in Oregon to get private lessons from Andrew.  After the lessons we both concluded it was well worth every mile of the drive.  Andrew provided my son with more instruction in the first 2 hours than he received in two days at another company’s kicking camp.  When we left, my son was kicking much better and knew exactly what he needed to improve his technique and practice more effectively.  We have already signed up for more private lessons from Andrew and my son is also excited to attend Andrew’s summer kicking camp

Michael Baker
Coos Bay, Oregon

I was at the Furney Kicking Academy at Kentwood 0n July 11/12. Very impressed with the work the Academy coaches did, particularly in answering questions and demonstrating their answers for coaches. I asked alot of questions and they were more then willing to answer.

Thanks for the great clinic!

Dennis Hagan
Football Coach, Enumclaw High School