Private Lessons


As kickers at all levels of competition have become much more skilled and specialized, private expert instruction has become an essential tool in reaching the next level whether that be college or the NFL. With 10 years of Kicking experience and playing at the highest level of Division 1 collegiate and NFL football, coach Furney applies not only his personal experiences and skills to his 1-on-1 sessions, but also his knowledge and motivation for aspiring athletes on what it truly takes to become all they dream of becoming . Each lesson with Furney Kicking Academy includes:

Fundamental Training Emphasis

Kicker-Specific Drills

Personalized Instruction

Video Review / Analysis

Personal mentoring based on athlete's stated goals

Furney Kicking Academy assures you that with your kicking and punting  lessons, you will not only get high quality professional instruction, but will also see substantial improvement in your kicking and punting skills and get that much closer to reaching your full potential as a kicker or punter.

Andrew Furney

Kicking & Punting Coach

(2 Years with New York Jets)

Multiple Drills to Practice on your own:

During your individual , one-on-one lessons, Coach Andrew Furney will personally show you many  of the different drills that he has personally used to improve different aspect of his kicking skills as well as preventing the creation of  poor muscle memory and bad kicking habits.

 Personalized Instruction:

Unlike many other kicking camps and coaches, Furney Kicking Academy  and coach Andrew Furney has the understanding that every kicker has his or her own unique style of kicking a football. Though core kicking principals and fundamentals are present in all great kickers, Coach Andrew  Furney takes pride in creating unique personalized instruction to match help every athlete reach their own full potential. As we like to say at Furney Kicking Academy, no cookie cutting kickers that look the exact same here!

On Site Video Review:

There is not a more effective way to help a kicker learn and improve their skills then by showing them their own kicks during private, and group lessons. During these lessons, coach Furney brings along with him the latest in technologies and apps  used by the pros to help provide a visual learning aspect to the lesson by allowing immediate video review and feedback via slow motion, side by side comparison and more. It simply doesn't get any better than this!

Coach Andrew Furney Will Travel to You for Kicking and Punting Lessons

Driving: a $.40 cent/mile round trip rate applies (distance estimated from place of  residence in Lynnwood WA)

Flying: If you would like to Fly coach Furney to you for private lessons, please contact him directly via Phone at 360-421-4183 to discuss details further.

High School and Collegiate Individual Lesson Rates

No initial lesson required if package is purchased


First-time Initial Lesson

$349 Mandatory for all first time Customers

  • One 2-hr Lesson


1-hr Lesson


  • One 60-minute Lesson

1.5-hr Lesson


  • One 90-minute Lesson

2-hr Lesson


  • One 120-minute Lesson

Lesson Packages



$429 Save $51

  • 4x 90-minute lessons


$765 Save $75

  • 7x 90-minute lessons


$1,050 Save $150

  • 10x 90-minute lessons

Middle School (Age 10-13) Individual Lesson Rates

Introductory Lessons Mandatory for all new clients


  • 2x 90-minute lessons

1-Hour Lesson After Introductory Lessons


  • 1x 60-minute lesson

1.5-Hour Lesson After Introductory Lessons


  • 1x 90-minute lesson