What are Online Kicking and Punting Lessons?

Virtual online kicking and punting lessons are a great way to get professional kicking and punting coaching from anywhere in the World! No more high cost and hassle of fighting traffic, driving for hours, or even flying across the country in order to receive a personalized Kicking or Punting lessons from professional coaches. Since these virtual online kicking and punting lessons are done over the internet, kickers and punters from around the world now have access to elite and professional kicking and punting coaching like never before! Don't miss out on an opportunity to receive expert instruction from current and past NFL Specialists!

As Easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step #1 - Record Your Kicks
Before recording your own kicks make sure to watch the videos below on what angles to film in order to get the best feedback from the coach.
Step #2 - Upload Videos & Pay
After filming your videos, upload your videos through the online lessons submission form. You will then be directed to the payment process upon successful uploading.
Step #3 - Receive Your Video of Coaches Feedback
After you have uploaded film and completed payment, you can expect to receive your video with coaching points and feedback within 3 days!

How to Film Your Field Goals:

How to Film Your Kickoffs:

How to Film Your Punts:

Coaches with NFL Experience Providing Feedback:

Andrew Furney Mugshot

Andrew Furney - Kickers & Punters

(NY Jets)

Reid Forrest - Punters

(Buffalo Bills)

Jake Schum  - Punters

(NY Jets, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Field Goals, Kickoffs, OR Punts
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